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Software development

We will develop individual Software for you.


You want to create a new magnificent product, expand a consisting application cleverly, need assistance for the support of your software technology or are looking for clear advisory service and training opportunities? Whatever you intend to do, we for sure have the right solution for you.
Get your own impression of our diverse software services.

What have we specialized on?

Rely on our expertise in the following areas.

Development of intelligent algorithms

Since the foundation of Maximilian Lorent IT-Lösungen, the development of intelligent algorithms has been one of the core competences of our business activity. Numerous past projects have shown that we are, due to a high degree of experience and extensive expertise, able to find innovative solutions even for seemingly intractable projects.

Cloud Computing

Gone are the days when one had to reprogram everything fundamentally, when computing power and storage space were limited and when only large corporations were able to implement resource intensive software projects. Today, millions of cloud services wait to be widely used in the course of your software projects. We do not have to reinvent the wheel, but instead select from an unlimited stock of progressive cloud services.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Only a few technologies of the past years have inspired us as much as the topics Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Market analyses, trendsetting business forecast, self-driving cars, natural language processing, assistance systems and much more – all of these are fields in which Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have become indispensable. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence make software development slim, dynamic and smart. They give companies the chance to concentrate on their natural skills in order to distinguish themselves from the market.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Package tracking, Smart Home, intelligent street lighting, networked cars, etc. - the Internet of Things (IoT) has for quite a while been a part of our daily lives. Due to better networks, growing miniaturization, lower hardware costs and comfortable development opportunities, the hardware that accompanies us in our daily lives becomes more intelligent and in addition to this creates a growing market value for all areas of life – starting from daily life up to modern industry. As an experienced partner with extensive experience in this area we can support you so you can benefit from this new potential. whether it comes to consulting or the implementation of an entire project proposal, you can rely on our expertise.

Further software services

We will offer you the all around carefree package.

Individual software development

Have you come up with a new business idea for a new individualized software product? We dispose the needed expertise in order to turn your ideas into real products.

App development for smartphones and tablets

Android, iOS or Windows Phone? We create the app that meets your requirements.

Cross-platform application development

You want to make your software products accessible to as many customers as possible? No problem. With cross-platform application development, you will reach all of your target customers. We are prepared to give you our utmost support.

Web application development

Reach large target groups easily in their familiar surroundings via the internet. Our web applications are more than only websites. Due to innovative technologies, we even implement complex applications on the internet.

Development of machine control and hardware-near software

Even in the segment of machine control and hardware-near software development, we are available as a reliable service provider.

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