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How does software develop at our company?

ScrumAgile project management

We are of the opinion that a fully developed and flawless product which allows short term function adjustments is better than a hundred-page specification. Therefore, we implement projects in line with the Scrum-procedure model. We create flexibility and efficiency which are needed to guarantee the success of your project plans. We avoid unnecessary ballast in order to be able to concentrate on what is essential, namely individual, reliable, stable and progressive software. Adherence to schedules and customer transparency have therefore highest priority.

The Project courseExplained in detail.

You would like to implement a project with us, but do not know what the project course will look like? Even when all projects are different, one can recognize a certain procedural pattern which can be applied to most of our customers’ projects. Our goal is: greatest transparency, flexibility and control for your part.

The Pre-project phase

Good preparation is essential.

Preparatory customer workshop

The most important aspect for us is to understand your visions, wishes and ideas, but also your concerns and problems. In a preparatory workshop we create enough space for you to present your project to us and to highlight aspects that are most important for you. At the same time, our team will have enough time to ask all the questions that need to be answered. The overriding principle for us is keeping your ideas secret.

Requirement analysis

As soon as we have gotten an overview of your project, our team will think about the implementation of your project as well as about the required efforts.

Tender preparation

Based on previous conversations and analyses, we provide you with a structured offer including all the costs. Until order, the offer is without engagement.


After having placed your order, you will receive a project contract which includes the previously arranged framework conditions as well as the included services which were discussed earlier.

The Implementation phase

Make your project a reality.

Specification, architecture and design

In order to enable a smooth and on-time implementation of your project plan, we keep a record of your requirements in the form of specification and architecture documents. Following up on the Scrum-Principle, we concentrate on the essentials and avoid unnecessary ballast as much as we can. We of course take into consideration your ideas on design and architecture.


As soon as specification, architecture and design are set up, our experts will start with the software components that are necessary for the implementation.

Software tests

As soon as the implementation is completed, the software will undergo certain fundamental function tests. Thereafter follows the field test in which we check the software for errors.


If we recognize potential for improvement during the field test, we will very detailed analyze the potential. By iterative runs of the phases implementation, software tests and optimization, we improve the software until a reliable, efficient and sustainable product is available for you.

The Post-project phase

Even after an order we will support our customers professionally.

Project acceptance and completion

We will proudly present a fully developed software product to you. All the ideas, documents and codes which developed throughout the project phase will be transferred into your ownership. The completion follows and we are sure that we can acquire you as a satisfied customer at the latest at this point of the project`s implementation.

You wish a different procedure?

This procedure does not fit your business process? No problem. This procedure is not set in stone and we can surely adjust our procedure to your structures.

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