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Lorent IT-Lösungen GmbH

We are developing intelligent software.

The Lorent IT-Lösungen GmbH is your innovative partner for modern software development and IT- services. The company was founded by the current business owner Maximilian Lorent, M.Sc. in 2009. We process software and IT-projects Europe-wide. Starting as a company with the focus on intelligent software algorithms, we have become a professional software provider specializing in the areas of modern Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

In addition to this specialist knowledge, we offer a broad spectrum of future-oriented applications- starting from the development of software for classical devices (PCs and notebooks) over the modern app development of smartphones and tablets up to the web application development. We even cover the segment of machine control and hardware-near software development.

Furthermore, we distinguish ourselves by directive IT-services for business customers and the educational sector. Our portfolio covers the areas consulting, hardware, software, IT-infrastructure, support, maintenance and training.

The Lorent IT-Lösungen GmbH impresses its customers by innovation, modern technologies and intelligent business processes and is in doing so always one step ahead.